Thursday, 6 December 2007

F# in Visual Studio for free!

According to this blog post, you can now install the F# distribution into Microsoft's new Visual Studio 2008 shell to get F# working in a Visual Studio development environment absolutely free!

The Visual Studio mode for F# makes it much easier to author programs in F# so we highly recommend this approach for anyone who has been battling with a text editor and the command-line tools.


Jeffrey Scofield said...

Has anybody gotten this to work? I have installed F# and now want to use Visual Studio Shell. The instructions I've found only tell you how to install things in the other order (first VS Shell then F#). I'd rather not uninstall F# just to get this working.

Jeffrey Scofield said...

(Replying to myself.)

In case anybody happens to google up this old thread (like I did), what I ended up doing was uninstalling and reinstalling F#. It's not as hard as I expected. To uninstall, go to the Control Panel and use Add/Remove programs.

There are lots of rough edges, but it is working for me so far. It shows the inferred types of let-bound identifiers just by hovering over them, which is cool.

Erik said...

Hi. I'm new to the MS world and obviously there are things that I should know that I don't.

I've downloaded and installed "F#" and it works fine in Console mode. I've also downloaded vs_ideredist.exe and run it to get a directory called "D:\VS 2008 Shell Redist\Integrated Mode". If I try to start F# in Visual Studio mode I get a page telling me how to proceed once I have VS up and running. The problem is that I don't have a VS instance to run.

I've tried by uninstalling everything and install VS Shell first and F# afterwards but it makes no difference. Is there a step that I have missed after running vs_ideredist.exe? Or is thare something else that I'm doing wrong?

Eric said...

We seem to be doing this at the same time. I think you need to run the ~300 MB executable in D:\VS 2008 Shell Redist\..., which actually installs the shell. I am reinstalling the compiler now myself, and so cannot assert first-hand you will get any farther than I am.