Monday, 10 December 2007

Review: The F#.NET Journal

Lloyd Moore wrote the following review of The F#.NET Journal:

"There are two aspects that I would like to stress about the Fsharp Journal. The first is that I think that it has a unique ability to explain some tricky concepts across a very broad range of subjects in a fashion that is very straightforward, yet is comprehensive and very well explained.

The second reason is that its approach to introducing more advanced subjects, such as continuation passing style recursion, is done in a manner that helps one see not just the abstraction, but how it fits in a practical sense too."


Anonymous said...

Is that the full review?
If not can we have a link to it?


Flying Frog Consultancy Ltd. said...

That is the full review.

Anonymous said...

Are journals for programming languages commonplace? There seems to be enough free F# information on the net, and especially in the F# source code, to learn the language.

Flying Frog Consultancy Ltd. said...

Yes, journals and magazines about programming languages are very common. They are a great way to learn a new language from interesting examples.