Friday, 4 April 2008

Reducing development costs with Static Typing

The F#.NET Journal just published an article describing how F#'s static type system can be leveraged to reduce software development costs:

"The F# language arms programmers with the most sophisticated static type system of any mainstream programming language. This static type system can be used to remove large classes of common bugs that are otherwise tedious or impossible to track down, drastically reducing software development costs. However, learning how and when to leverage such a type system is an art that requires significant effort to learn. This article describes idiomatic F# style and a variety of techniques that can be used to leverage the static type system in order to catch errors earlier and more easily..."

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Anonymous said...

So how is F#'s type system more refined than Scala's? Module system *cough*.

Anonymous said...

And how is it more sophisticated than Haskell's type system?

But I think the answer lies in "main stream language". If you define that to mean "supported by Visual Studio" then the statement is correct. And boring.

Flying Frog Consultancy Ltd. said...

Compared to Scala, type inference *cough*.

Compared to Haskell, users outside academia *cough*.