Tuesday, 29 July 2008

F# in a Nutshell

Following in the footsteps of Foundations of F#, Expert F# and F# for Scientists, Amanda Laucher and Ted Neward have announced their intention to write a new book on F#, the first to be published by O'Reilly. The book is called F# in a Nutshell and is a member of O'Reilly's In a Nutshell series.

F# in a Nutshell is scheduled to be published in April 2009.


Michiel Borkent said...

Cool, that one is going to be on my wish list!

Ted Neward said...

Just a quick clarification: I think the publication date was concocted by OReilly--Amanda and I were a bit surprised by the date, and hadn't really committed to an exact date. Our goal, in fact, is to ship right around the final release of the F# bits, though we will have "Rough Cuts" available sooner than that.

And, of course, we're open to feedback and suggestions--email either of us with whatever feedback that comes to mind. :-)


Anonymous said...

Any updates on this release ?