Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Book review: F# for Scientists

James O'Brien has kindly written a review of our book F# for Scientists:

"Excellent from first to last. Whilst the extensive science-oriented examples will benefit F#'s current market - efficient scientific and financial computing - the clarity of writing will benefit all programmers approaching F# for the first time.

Newcomers will not find another dry description of the programming language but rather an exploration of the ideas and principles of functional programming that will benefit their technique in whatever language they use. This is most brilliantly illustrated by the visualization chapter and by the sections dealing with XML processing in which functional techniques are used to produce solutions far more succinct, yet still more expressive, than their imperative or object-oriented cousins.

The material is challenging - it is intended to be - but persevering will bring far greater rewards than ploughing through the latest O'Reilly cookbook. Learning functional programming will improve the skills of every programmer, and so will reading this book."

And don't forget about our more recent book F# for Technical Computing.

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