Sunday, 1 March 2009

A free article, but which one?

To celebrate the 50th article anniversary of The F#.NET Journal in two months time we would like to give one of our existing articles away for free but we don't know which article you freeloaders want the most. So please leave a comment here stating which article you would most like to read.

All of the articles currently available to subscribers are enumerated on The F#.NET Journal web page.


CSMR said...

Hard to choose but I'll vote for:

Exploiting Tail Recursion


Benjol said...

Just to complicate things a little: Real-time data capture and visualization :)

CK├Ânig said...

ok - I go with
"A simple FFT implementation"

matt said...

Simulating smoke in real-time using fluid dynamics


Real-time Finite Element Materials simulatio

tushar said...

I'll say F# basics and implementaion to the real problems.