Monday, 4 May 2009

Re: Microsoft canning F#

We went to Cambridge to meet Don Syme last week and attended a great lecture by Tom Wickham-Jones from Wolfram Research. I spoke to Don about the concerns among some of our customers regarding the future of F# and he assured me that they are focused entirely on forthcoming releases with a schedule that spans years. The next release, beta 1, is due out this month and a beta 2 is scheduled for release before the full 2010 release next year.


emmanuel buah said...

This is great but they really need to communicate this and not hold back. A lot us (F#) advocates are feeling the same way. In fact, one of my friends company started using MS Live Volta who's plug was pulled with no explanation to the public. I'm glad F# is on track and I hope they really promote it.

Art said...

Hi Jon, and F#'ers.
Suggest replaceing "canning" with "supporting/backing/on release schedule", maybe it's American english v English english...?

I like the gist though.
F# is the future today; and Microsoft understands that.