Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Seminar: Multicore Programming on .NET

Parallel programming veteran Joe Hummel is giving a full-day seminar about multicore programming on .NET in San Francisco. Interestingly, F# is should be the programming language of choice for this presentation...

"This 1-day workshop will introduce parallel programming support in .NET 4, and move rapidly from concepts to concrete examples. Topics include the new task-oriented programming model, exploiting data & task parallelism in your applications, design patterns for exposing parallelism, Task Parallel Library (TPL), Parallel LINQ, new concurrent data structures for more efficient parallel access, and proper exception handling in the presence of parallelism. We’ll also discuss cutting-edge Visual Studio 2010 tools for debugging and profiling of parallel apps, as well as tool support from Microsoft Research. The workshop will be demo-rich, with complete source code provided."

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Real-time ray tracing in Silverlight

The F#.NET Journal just published another article about Silverlight:

"Ray tracing is a simple but powerful approach to photorealistic rendering and implementing a ray tracer is an excellent way to learn a programming language and, in particular, to learn about graphics and optimization in the context of numerical algorithms. This article walks through the design and implementation of a basic ray tracer that visualizes a 3D scene in a Silverlight bitmap and exploits parallelism in order to attain the performance required for real-time animation..."

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F# share of UK job market triples in four months

The IT Jobs Watch website hosts up-to-date statistics about the prevalence of different keywords in UK job adverts including those mentioning Microsoft's new F# programming language. Incredibly, the proportion of job adverts mentioning F# has tripled in just four months:

More job adverts now mention F# than any other functional programming language, including OCaml, Haskell and even Scala.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

F# for Visualization in Silverlight

We have developed a version of our F# for Visualization library that uses Microsoft's Silverlight instead of Windows Presentation Foundation for a client to use at the E-world 2011 exhibition in Germany next week. This variant allows our charts and graphs to be rendered in web pages without sacrificing any functionality from the original library.

Here is a screenshot of a simple graph visualized in Internet Explorer using the Silverlight version of F# for Visualization:

Just like the WPF version, this visualization required just a single line of code:

PlotControl([Function sin], (-6.0, 6.0))

If anyone else is interested in F# for Visualization on Silverlight, please comment here or drop us an e-mail to let us know!