Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Real-time ray tracing in Silverlight

The F#.NET Journal just published another article about Silverlight:

"Ray tracing is a simple but powerful approach to photorealistic rendering and implementing a ray tracer is an excellent way to learn a programming language and, in particular, to learn about graphics and optimization in the context of numerical algorithms. This article walks through the design and implementation of a basic ray tracer that visualizes a 3D scene in a Silverlight bitmap and exploits parallelism in order to attain the performance required for real-time animation..."

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Art said...

Thanks Jon.
Good to see web articles.
Will there be an HTML5 version of this in future?

Art said...

Got it running in VS'10 SP1 and SL5.
"!Option.shadows" changed to "!shadows". Not sure why.