Tuesday, 9 February 2010

F# for Visualization video tutorial

The following video walks through some of the basic functionality provided by our F# for Visualization library:


Art said...

Instructional video is so powerful. Thanks. Looking forward to more.

Anonymous said...

When do you plan updating Visualization library to concord with VS2010 RC?


Jonathan Shore said...

Nice. I note that you support the plot of multiple functions on the same graph.

I spend most of my time plotting timeseries, where will have multiple on the same graph. The series will often have different ranges (ie, one series in the range [-1,1] another in the range [-1e-5, 1e3], where one would require both of these series to anchor at 0.

Does your library support timeseries? I'm planning to gradually move over to F#. Will probably write some stronger F# -> R bindings (than exist in a current project), but would prefer to do as much as possible in F# proper.

Flying Frog Consultancy Ltd. said...

@Anonymous: We do not officially support the CTPs, betas and RCs of Microsoft's products, just the final RTM, but the versions of our products designed for VS2008 do seem to work just fine with the VS2010 RC.

@Jonathan Shore: F# for Visualization does not yet support dates and times on axes (they must be floating-point numbers instead) or multiple overlapping axes on the same plot. However, this functionality is easy to add so we should be able to get that into a later release for you.

Anonymous said...

Would be really nice to see some example calls from this library to other .NET languages like C# or VB.