Thursday, 20 May 2010


The F#.NET Journal just published an article about sorting:

"The quicksort algorithm was invented by Tony Hoare in 1960 and remains one of the most celebrated algorithms and is still of great practical value. Implementing some of the many variations of the quicksort algorithm serves as an excellent introduction to mixed-paradigm programming in F# and the implementation of a production-quality implementation benefits enormously from the use of a substantial number of exotic features of the F# language. Moreover, the quicksort algorithm is amenable to parallelization, which is of increasing relevance in the multicore era, so the performance characteristics of parallelizations of the implementations are also of great interest..."

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Art said...

My morning reading at breakfast -- astonishing!
An instant classic.
Hope you’ll make this a free, promotional, teaser article, for a wider audience.

Art said...

Genericity ...
by explicitly passing a "compare" function that provides a total order: let inline sort cmp (a: _ [] l r =

Example please