Sunday, 4 July 2010

Rigid body dynamics demo

The F#.NET Journal just made another downloadable demo freely available. This demo is from the article Rigid body dynamics (15th January 2010).

The article walks through the design and implementation of a 250-line program that simulates the dynamics of a collection of solid balls as they bound around a scene, using Windows Presentation Foundation for visualization!


Anonymous said...

Can one run such a demo written in F# as show on the web without having to download a .EXE to the PC? As with say Java applet?

Does F# demos support buttons and menus and such for making a more advanced GUI for a demo like with Mathematica demos?

Jon Harrop said...


Yes, you can compile F# to Silverlight for viewing directly in a Silverlight-enabled browser.

Yes, F# has direct access to the wealth of GUI functionality provided with the .NET platform. This is far more comprehensive that Mathematica and is often easier to use.