Saturday, 7 August 2010

Jon Harrop lectures on Parallel QR Decomposition

The Skills Matter eXchange have kindly uploaded the video of my recent lecture as well as the accompanying slides.

The core of this lecture is an explanation of why purely functional code that looks embarrassingly parallel often does not scale and how scalability can be achieved through the use of mutation.

The example used is QR decomposition where pure code achieves less than 2× speedup on 8 cores but impure F# code achieves over 7× speedup and beats the reference implementation of BLAS and LAPACK with 99% less code. However, the lessons learned are not specific to this algorithm or even to numerical methods in general but apply to all software running on .NET.

For vastly more information on this subject, stay tuned for our forthcoming Multicore .NET book.

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Art said...

Whither to wither Fortran?