Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Real-time ray tracing in Silverlight

The F#.NET Journal just published another article about Silverlight:

"Ray tracing is a simple but powerful approach to photorealistic rendering and implementing a ray tracer is an excellent way to learn a programming language and, in particular, to learn about graphics and optimization in the context of numerical algorithms. This article walks through the design and implementation of a basic ray tracer that visualizes a 3D scene in a Silverlight bitmap and exploits parallelism in order to attain the performance required for real-time animation..."

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F# share of UK job market triples in four months

The IT Jobs Watch website hosts up-to-date statistics about the prevalence of different keywords in UK job adverts including those mentioning Microsoft's new F# programming language. Incredibly, the proportion of job adverts mentioning F# has tripled in just four months:

More job adverts now mention F# than any other functional programming language, including OCaml, Haskell and even Scala.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

F# for Visualization in Silverlight

We have developed a version of our F# for Visualization library that uses Microsoft's Silverlight instead of Windows Presentation Foundation for a client to use at the E-world 2011 exhibition in Germany next week. This variant allows our charts and graphs to be rendered in web pages without sacrificing any functionality from the original library.

Here is a screenshot of a simple graph visualized in Internet Explorer using the Silverlight version of F# for Visualization:

Just like the WPF version, this visualization required just a single line of code:

PlotControl([Function sin], (-6.0, 6.0))

If anyone else is interested in F# for Visualization on Silverlight, please comment here or drop us an e-mail to let us know!