Saturday, 26 March 2011

Don't install VS2010 SP1

The new Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2010 is buggy and may cause irreparable corruption:

Installing this service pack destabilized one of our development machines and, more worryingly, attempting to uninstall the service pack produces the above warning that it may irreparably corrupt the Visual Studio 2010 installation.

We have no reason to believe that this is F# specific (there have been many complaints from non-F# users) but some of our customers have reported that it destabilised their systems too, both the development environment and programs containing F# source code.

Our F# implementation of Okasaki's purely functional real-time queue data structure started to suffer from MissingMethodExceptions after we installed SP1. Two of our clients are experiencing problems using F# with Silverlight only after having installed SP1.

Therefore, we are recommending that users avoid this Service Pack until the issues have been identified and resolved.


John Reynolds said...

Saved in the nick of time, thanks! I was just about to apply SP1, and since it seems rather painful to uninstall, your warning saved me a truckload of trouble.

Don said...

(Don from the F# team here)

There are two issues mentioned here. One only affects the SP1 Beta, though we’re double checking that with Jon.

The other appears to be a known issue with Silverlight 4.0 and VS2010 SP1. The Visual Studio F# team or Silverlight team will give an authoritative answer in due course.

Flying Frog Consultancy Ltd. said...

@John: No problem. Lots of people are complaining about SP1 breaking things, not just F# developers.

@Don: These are problems with the final release, not the beta. I have rephrased this post to make it clear that these are not F#-specific problems.

Buggy software is one thing but buggy software that threatens to corrupt your system if uninstalled is quite another...

Ivan said...

Another possible issue:

I've just picked up a project that used fslex and fsyacc and I'm seeing MissingMethodExceptions in the generated parser code. Can't prove that this was SP1, and it seems hard to believe given that the lexing and parsing bits are in the PowerPack rather than the F# core, but it was working before SP1 and it's not working now...

ildjarn said...

@Ivan : Try the workaround posted in this StackOverflow answer:

rrossenbg said...

I'm not sure who has invented Windows but now I know who has invented the Bug :D

Anonymous said...

I wish I found this earlier.
SP1 complete destroyed my development environment.

I completely uninstalled VS2010, RIA services, toolkits and SDKs.

I reinstalled VS2010 and then applied SP! and BOOM, nothing works.

I'm trying to uninstall everything again and just reinstall without SP1 and hope my registry isn't fried.

Nicko said...

Hi there,

Just to know if there is any update regarding the SP1 issues ?

By the way does anyone use Pex and Moles along with F# ? if yes don't you have any issue with the Pex Visual Studio integration? For me it works partially from the command line but it does not when I try to run a Pex exploration within visual studio.
Any idea?

Don Baechtel said...

See: dated 26 March 2011.

Where's the Fix for this?